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Welcome to Toronto Windsurfing Club's new (2021) SWAP Forum. 

If you haven't used some of your windsurfing gear for years, it is time to sell or donate it. We have a lot of requests from new members looking for your unwanted gear.

Looking for windsurfing gear? Post what you are looking for.

Forum Rules

  1. Do not spam, advertise or self-promote. 
  2. Do not post offensive posts, links or images. 
  3. Be respectful to each other at all times.
  4. This page is monitored and moderated.


  • Post to the relevant topic
  • Delete/edit after item(s) are sold
  • Recent photo(s)
  • Description of item
  • Contact details
  • Location

Have a question? Email socialmedia@torontowindsurfingclub.com

                                             Toronto Windsurfing Club is OPEN with restrictions due to COVID-19.                                                     For details and updates please click here.

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