Windsurf In The City

» Surf, Sun and Sand…
» Only seconds from the city!
» Located at Cherry Beach, Toronto

TWC Youth Camp

» Week Long Windsurfing Day Camps
» Ages 12+ July through August
» Fun for kids - Convenient for Parents

Youth Racing Program

» Ages 8 - 18
» Professional Instruction
» Beginner to Olympian Progression

Wednesday Night Racing

» FREE public races every Wednesday evening
» May through September
» Apres race Beach BBQ every week

twc youth windsurfing camp


Windsurfing is a fun, fast and athletic sport which combines sailing with a board sport like snowboarding, skateboarding or wakeboarding.

It is simple, safe and one of the most affordable ways to get kids on the water.

Windsurfing is also an excellent way for kids to develop the ABC's of Athleticism...Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed...which are transferable to many other sports, including winter sports such as hockey and skiing.

For kids who already like sailing, including those who race, windsurfing is a perfect combination and great cross training. Top sailing coaches in some countries are advocating windsurfing as the best way to prepare young dinghy sailors for all types of high performance sailing.

"If we want to have winning skiff, multihull, kite and windsurfing sailors in the future, and develop top crews in every trapeze class, I encourage kids to learn windsurfing today. I find kids have more fun training, spend more time on the water, and it's a fraction of the cost. The windsurfing kids quickly master excellent weight positioning, footwork, and harness technique. They are also comfortable at high speeds and in rough conditions, and are able to make quick decisions." - Leandro Spina, Olympic Youth Development Director, U.S. Sailing Team Sperry Topsider.

Most importantly, windsurfing is great freeride fun for kids who aren't always interested in competition. For many, the natural thrill of blasting back and forth in a good breeze can stoke a passion and keep them on the water for life.

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