Windsurf In The City

» Surf, Sun and Sand…
» Only seconds from the city!
» Located at Cherry Beach, Toronto

TWC Youth Camp

» Week Long Windsurfing Day Camps
» Ages 12+ July through August
» Fun for kids - Convenient for Parents

Youth Racing Program

» Ages 8 - 18
» Professional Instruction
» Beginner to Olympian Progression

Wednesday Night Racing

» FREE public races every Wednesday evening
» May through September
» Apres race Beach BBQ every week

Policies & Conditions of Equipment & Storage

Security is the responsibility of all Members. Please ensure that containers are locked.

TWC does not insure stored equipment. Insurance is the sole responsibility of the individual Member.

Storage is available to TWC Members only. Storage rental is from May 1st of the current year through April 30th of the following year. If equipment remains in storage after the expiration of the paid storage term, TWC will attempt to notify the owner via the email address and/or phone number on file with TWC. If no response is received, TWC reserves the right to relocate the equipment to a temporary on-site storage location. In the event equipment remains unidentified and/or unclaimed by the September 1st of the delinquent term, TWC reserves the right to dispose of the equipment at its discretion.

Storage spots are only assigned and to be used by an individual TWC Member. Storage spots are not to be shared unless in use by a Family Membership.

Until April 30th of the current membership season, all storage slots are considered occupied by their existing renter unless otherwise indicated.

Storage fees are non-refundable.

For the benefit of all, Trailer Captains take an active role in trailer management, however, it is predominantly up to the individual members of each storage trailer to do their share in maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the trailer.

  1. Please, do not over-load your slot in a way that interferes with someone else’s storage space.
  2. To safeguard your equipment, please label everything, especially your 1-piece masts stored in the rafters.
  3. The rafters are for storing 1-piece masts only, not sails or booms. And please, don’t hang wet wetsuits on the rafters to dry. All that happens in our poorly ventilated trailers is mold.
  4. Fins are to be removed from the boards unless they are small and not interfering with others.
  5. The aisles need to be kept clear. If you use a container of some kind to hold small bits and pieces, please ensure that it fits completely within your slot, not in the aisle. (Actually this is a safety issue)
  6. Wide (75+ cm) boards are getting to be a problem. In the trailers these wide boards are difficult to get by, especially when they are found on both sides of the aisle. Until we have a better solution, we will try to have these wide boards stored on one side of the trailer. This will mean that some people may be asked to shift sides. Your cooperation will be appreciated.
  7. Finally, an attempt will be made to have a trailer clean out day at some point early in the season. This may be difficult to coordinate, but the trailer captains will make an attempt. Please lend a hand.

Members may transfer their storage spot(s) to alternate current TWC Members under the following conditions:

  1. Provided that the Storage Coordinator has been notified and approved the requested transfer;
  2. The new renters contact information has been received and acknowledged by the Storage Coordinator;
  3. Current Members Membership & Storage dues have been paid in full;
  4. Transfer is subject to any storage waiting list;
  5. Payment for the storage spot is not to exceed the original rental fee for the current rental term.

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