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SUP Mammoth Blog

The results of the 2013 Mammoth race for SUP and surfski race can be viewed and downloaded at following link (first click on "Read more" button to activate link): click here  Or you can skip below for the results. Photos taken in the Western Gap have also been posted - see below for link.

We had 41 total racers, of which 8 were on surfskis. 

We had a good NW breeze that morning which made things interesting. The wind was about 8mph at the start of the race around the Island then picked up to about 15mph by noon. The 4km and Kids races were mostly sheltered from the winds by the trees at Cherry Beach. 

For those that went around the Island, the winds were significantly weaker than forecast for the first 40 minutes or so and this made it easier to paddle upwind through the Eastern Gap and the Inner Harbour. Some of us (Gander and I for example - especially Gander!), had too much faith in the forecast and headed closer to the downtown shoreline to avoid the winds before turning towards the Western Gap. This was unnecessary and those that took the direct route were better off. After passing through the Western Gap, the paddlers had a nice downwind run all along the west side of the Island to Gibraltar Point. This was the most fun part of the course. From there, we turned left and hugged the Island shoreline to stay in the wind shadow paddling in calm conditions. As we crossed the Eastern Gap, we were hit with some strong side winds for a few moments before getting back to the wind shadow along Cherry Beach and all the way to the finish. So overall, it was quite a pleasant paddle despite the winds since we didn't have to face them for most of the race. That's the beauty of having Toronto Island as our neighbour. 
Congratulations to some relatively new SUPers and Club members that completed their first Mammoth race around the Island: Irina Anisimova, Yvonne Liu, and Neil Bascombe.
Thanks to all the volunteers at the event including: 
Manuel Cappel for bringing his boat and driving it around the Island to monitor the paddlers as a safety boat. Manuel hand crafts custom bike carts and cargo bikes for sale. You can see his web site at 
Andy Skeoch for bringing his boat to monitor the paddlers as they went around the Island. He also ended up winning the SUP race around the Island (someone else drove his boat). His wife Julie, was the first woman in the 4km race. His daughter Molly, was the first girl in the Kids race. AND they won a whole pile of prizes in the draw! Could've been good karma for supporting this race with his boat for the past few years. Andy is a partner in a boutique landscape design/build firm. You can see his web site at 
All the other boat drivers and crews supporting the SUP and surfski races including Murray McKercher, Iryna, Susan Durst, Robert Cowley, Robert McKendry.  And Mike Tindall for organizing all the boats.
Margaret Combaluzier and Erin Andrews for recording the race finish results and times, as well as being the starters for the race around the Island and the 4km race. 
The several volunteers that helped with registration including Betty Caplan and Jill. 
Jenny Tucker and her team that helped with lunch including Colin Campbell, Laszlo Csuka, Jason Mednick, Colin Thomas, and others. 
Ivan Dimic and Chris Hope for setting the buoys for the 4km and kids races.
Tom Mae for designing and ordering the T-shirts and awards.
Hugh Wilson, for grabbing boards in the water at the finish line for the racers (and his ever-present encouragement for the racers). 
Mike Fekete of for providing gift certificates and prizes at his cost. Everyone went home with a prize this year. Mike's store has one of the best selections of race, cruising, and inflatable SUPs in Ontario - as well as surfskis and kayaks.
And any other volunteers that helped out on Sunday. 
The event would not be possible without your help. 
If anyone has comments on the day, please email me at 
This email was sent to those that registered online. If you're a subscriber to our Club's email newsletter, you will receive another email as well. 
Thanks for a great day everyone! 

SUP Director, Toronto Windsurfing Club


Link to photos taken in Western Gap (SUP and Windsurfing): Click here


SUP and Surfski 2013 Mammoth Race Results

Surfski Men: 14.25km course around Toronto Island      
Race Finish Name Time Avg. Speed (kph) Male 50+        
1 Jacob Vandorp 1:11:10 12.01          
2 Gavin Needham 1:11:34 11.95          
3 Brian Heath 1:12:28 11.80          
4 Shawn Dinn 1:17:34 11.02          
5 Owen Smith 1:18:59 10.83          
6 Ed Hore 1:25:10 10.04 1        
7 Mike Fekete 1:29:57 9.51 2        
8 Rick Andrews 1:35:00 9.00          
SUP: 14.25km course around Toronto Island    
        Class Finish Position
Race Finish Name Time Avg. Speed (kph) Male Female Male 50+ Female 50+ Male Prone
1 Andrew Skeoch 1:35:06 8.99 1        
2 Anthony Abraham 1:37:33 8.76 2   1    
3 Ivan Dimic 1:38:58 8.64 3   2    
4 Keith Merker 1:40:07 8.54 4        
5 Dan Michaluk 1:42:02 8.38         1
6 Gander Tawaststjerna 1:43:00 8.30 5   3    
7 Michael Shin 1:52:24 7.61 6        
8 David Niblett 1:52:59 7.57 7   4    
9 Ariel Amoral 1:53:03 7.56   1      
10 Tracey Finlay 1:54:49 7.45   2      
11 Adam Nicholson 1:55:11 7.42 8        
12 Steve McKenzie 1:56:04 7.37 9   5    
13 Winsor MacDonnell 2:00:43 7.08 10        
14 Erin MacDonnell 2:10:00 6.58   3      
15 Mark Mainguy 2:14:29 6.36 11   6    
16 Terry Vaughan 2:18:44 6.16 12        
17 Irina Anisimova 2:19:42 6.12   4   1  
18 Yvonne Liu 2:25:07 5.89   5      
19 Neil Bascome 2:30:34 5.68 13        
Short  Course   4 km        
        Class Finish Position    
Race Finish Name Time Avg. Speed (kph) Male Female 50+    
1 Russ Dewar 0:31:36 7.6 1   Yes    
2 Julie Skeoch 0:31:54 7.5   1      
3 David Kralik 0:33:00 7.3 2        
4 Warren Won 0:35:22 6.8 3   Yes    
5 Peter Antoniadis 0:35:49 6.7 4    Yes    
6 Nadia Rahman 0:36:10 6.6   2      
6 Karen Wilson 0:38:15 6.3   3      
8 Andrei Mazonik 0:39:46 6.0 5        
Kids Race              
        Class Finish      
Race Finish Name Time Age Male Female      
1 Hayden Kralik 0:16:11 11 1        
2 Zachary Kralik 0:16:42 8 2        
3 Molly Skeoch 0:17:45 9   1      
4 Harrison King 0:21:02 10 3        
5 Gabriel Nemethy 0:23:47 10 4        
6 Hugo Robinson 0:25:00 6 5        
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