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Windsurf Mammoth Blog

This year the forecast looked bleak for Mammoth Marathon Sunday (Windsurfing Portion).   After a windy SUP event the forecast for the windsurfing was for dying winds under 10km/h.   The wind came up however with winds increasing to about 5-10 Knots from the South East and holding steady for the entire race.

Starting right at 11 o'clock, 65 people ran down to their boards, setting out to conquer one of the three courses offered on the day (The around the island course and two shorter courses set in the outer harbour).  

42 racers left the harbour and began the long pump downwind around the outside of the island. The early leaders were Igor Renkas and Paul Matthews on the clubs 18ft Tandem board which flew downwind under the power of two sails. However when the group hit the western gap conventional boards were able to pass them as we tacked up through the gap and the inner harbour.

In the end it was Keith Whiston taking first in the long course, narrowly beating out Ian Matthews and Nick Cox, with Andree Gauthier taking first place women and Zane Feder taking first youth (see full results at right side of page - click on 2015 Mammoth Results all courses )

The Short Course route went 2 laps around a triangle course in the Outer Harbour off Cherry Beach. This course was set long and proved challenging as well, with the first finisher taking over an hour to complete it. The short course had tough competition with TWC instructor Nicole Burnell taking first place, followed by Vladimir Semenov and Louis Hayes.

The Learn to Windsurf Course was a course raced by participants from the clubs Learn to Windsurf program.   It was a single lap of the short course and had 17 people competing in it.     Lesley Bennett took it in a time of 51 minutes, followed by Peter Webster, and a great showing by future race superstar Ronnie Itzahki taking third at 10 years old (following in her brothers footsteps).

This year we also had an award for first overall total time for both this SUP and Windsurfing races.   It was incredibly close with the top three finishers all within 7 minutes of each other. In the end Ian Matthews took first, with Gander Tawaststjerna coming second (only a minute and a half behind) and Ivan Dimic in third. Combined results also at right - scroll down to Super Mammoth.


Of course, we couldn't have had this event without the great help of our volunteers. We have no paid staff working this event, so we're dependent on our volunteers for this to happen:

- Betty Caplan, Jane Tindall, Iris Sage and Kathy Martin for their help with Registration.

- Betty Caplan and her team for running the beach and recording results.

- Natalya Lavrtnenko and Erin Hawkins for helping make sure the lunch went smoothly and dealing with a hundred hungry people.

- Henric Weigenbroker, for securing and lining up the 5 safety boats and Mike Tindall for coordinating the safety boat teams on race day

- Chris Hope for setting the course buoys very early in the morning

- Renata Dajczer, our on-water photographer (see below for link to photos)

- Peter Penev, our on-water videographer

- Gander Tawastjerna, Ivan Dimin, and Jeff Martin for helping to clean the clubhouse on Friday night before the event. And once again Gander, for helping pick up the safety boats we rented from other organizations

- Silent Sports for generously donating the event shirts and great prizes to the event.

-Vela Windsurfing for donating the grand prize of a trip to Tobago.

-Boardsports for generously donating prizes to the events.

-Makani Fins for their contributions to the draw prizes.

- Boat drivers and crews: Chris Hope, John Darling, Alan Levy, Barry Holtzkener, Robert McKendry, Wade Graham, Peter Penev, David Niblett, Paul Waterhouse and son, Alex Linkov, Jon Rickard, Bob Cowley, Reet May, Behanam Parsa, Davor Popovic.

- Nick Cox for the event scoring/results.

- And all the others that haven't been mentioned here who helped our event run smoothly

This year, part of the lunch was catered by Raging Spoon - the 3 types of lasagna - butter chicken, beef, veggie, and the 3 types of salads - Baja, Greek, Caesar. Raging Spoon is a successful enterprise providing employment for members of our community with mental health/survivor issues. Their web site:

Congratulations to Tim Walker for Winning the Vela Windsurfing Prize of a weeks Trip to Tobago for two! Thanks again to Vela for making that possible!

- Ian Matthews.

See pictures at:

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