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Youth Development / Performance

"If we want to have winning skiff, multihull, kite and windsurfing sailors in the future, and develop top crews in every trapeze class, I encourage kids to learn windsurfing today. I find kids have more fun training, spend more time on the water, and it's a fraction of the cost. The windsurfing kids quickly master excellent weight positioning, footwork, and harness technique. They are also comfortable at high speeds and in rough conditions, and are able to make quick decisions." - Leandro Spina, Olympic Youth Development Director, U.S. Sailing Team Sperry Topsider.

Travel to Race

Travel to Florida to race in US Windsurfing competitions. Usually we'll take a group of young people to compete for multiple days in a row. These competitions bring 100+ board sailors together to battle it out in wind and waves.

Young people from the Toronto Windsurfing Club travelled to the 2018 Kona Worlds in Florida ⇒ click to read about it here.

Travel then Improve and Perform

An important part of the Youth Windsurfing Camp is the intersection of fun and learning. Young people who join the camp are introduced to windsurfing in a fun environment by instructors who know their craft. It's because of these passionate instructors that young people often find themselves hooked on windsurfing and really want to improve.

This is why the team travels to destinations outside of Ontario to follow the wind during the spring and fall. The big trip is to Cape Hatteras in North Carolina - home of the OBX Wind week where professionals from across the US meet to perform and compete. It's a perfect location with consistent wind and a range of challenges available for sailors. Once young people get to a certain level at the Toronto Windsurfing Club Youth Camp they are invited to join the crew in Hatteras and really invest in their windsurfing while having a great time!

Read more about Cape Hatteras and OBX Wind week here.

Stay and Play - Home Waters

Although the Toronto Windsurfing Club offers a great spot with an awesome playground for a windsurfer when the winds pick up, the Youth Camp Head Coach is keen to get young sailors out at a variety of different spots to improve their skill, so keeps a keen eye on the forecast. When the conditions line up the team gets together and organizes a run to a different location. Young people from Toronto travel to Prince Edward County, Lake Simcoe and Erie to get the most out of the summer. Sessions also extend into the Spring and Fall for those who are keen to invest more time and energy in their windsurfing.


The Youth Camp continues to invest in its equipment every year so that young people have some great options. The Camp has race equipment for those who are looking for speed, equipment that can be used for freestyle (aerial tricks) and foiling equipment (new for 2020). Foiling is taking the windsurfing world by storm, allowing the sailor to ride above the water on a small wing. It's amazing!

Freestyle at Prince Edward County

The Crew at Cape Hatteras 2019

Instruction by the Head Coach at Cape Hatteras, NC

Youth Racing at the Club

Freestyle at Cape Hatteras

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