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What to Bring to Camp

For a fun day on the water at camp, everyone MUST bring a few things with them:

  • A packed lunch (please NO NUTS!). 
  • Water resistant sunscreen
  • A sun hat (inexpensive sunglasses are optional)
  • A swimsuit or swim shorts
  • A sun shirt - long or short sleeve t-shirt, cotton or quick dry
  • A big towel towel (or changing poncho)
  • A change of clothes including a sweater or hoodie or a rain jacket
  • A large backpack or duffel bag

TWC provides PFD's ("lifejackets"), water shoes and wetsuits but some kids prefer to bring their own.  See Notes below.

TWC has a fridge for storing lunches, a water cooler, cubbies/lockers and changerooms.

What NOT to Bring:

  • Tablets
  • Portable gaming systems
  • Jewelry
  • Other expensive / valuable items
  • Food or lotions that may contain nuts

TWC is not responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings.


Life jackets or Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) must be government approved, sized correctly and labelled with the camper’s name.  There are lots of economical choices at Canadian Tire, discount retailers, sporting goods stores and online.

Wetsuits are usually not necessary in July and August but we recommend them anyway since the water temperature can sometimes drop unexpectedly. They also provide extra buoyancy.  Many kids, especially beginners, like the extra warmth and buoyancy even on days when a wetsuit is not really necessary.  A basic “shortie” (short arms and legs) is the best choice and can be purchased for under $100 at Canadian Tire, Walmart or Costco.  Upgrades are available at MEC, Fogh Marine, Board Sports or Silent Sports.  A snug fit is best so we recommend that you try it in person if possible.

Watershoes - 
Wetsuit booties are ideal but old running shoes are fine.

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