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Rowan’s Law and Concussions

What is Rowan’s Law

Rowan’s Law is a new Ontario law which involves concussion safety and management for athletes under the age of 26 who are participating in amateur competitive sports.  It provides a framework and protocols that athletes, coaches, trainers and sports organizations must follow.

What do TWC participants need to do?

Under Rowan’s Law, athletes who are under age 26 AND who participate in racing or organized training (1) at TWC must complete the three steps below every year:

Step 1: Review the Government of Ontario Concussion Awareness Resources (pick one based on the participant’s age):

Step 2: Review and commit to the Ontario Sailing Concussion Code of Conduct

Download PDF

Step 3: Confirm that you have complied with the two steps above by completing this online form (2).



  1. The requirements above do not apply to participants in TWC’s Summer Youth Camp or Adult Learn to Windsurf lessons since these programs are not competitive in nature. However, participants under age 26 in any racing or advanced training outside of Camp must comply.
  2. If the athlete is under age 18, then a parent/guardian must ALSO complete the three steps above. Specifically, BOTH the athlete and the parent/guardian must complete the form.

What else do I need to know?

For more information about Rowan’s Law and concussions in general, please see the following resources:

Rowan's Law: Concussion safety |

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