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The club is open for member use and adult lessons will be available soon. Please stay home if you are not feeling well.

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Outer Harbour. Home to 8,000 water users!

Outer Harbour Sailing Federation (OHSF) and Friends of Cherry Beach and Outer Harbour estimate that there are over 8,000 users enjoying water activities including long-distance swimmers, rowers, kayakers, kiteboarders, paddleboarders, sailors, dragonboaters, windsurfers and motorboaters.

Your safety is paramount. 

Best Practices for Going out on the Water

  • FORECAST/RADAR Some good days are bad and some bad looking days are actually good.
  • SAFETY CHECKLIST Wear the right gear. Water and wind can change quickly.
  • SAIL UPWIND FIRST Sail, paddle, swim upwind first. If your gear breaks you will drift closer to home. W, NW & N winds are offshore so don't sail unless you are VERY comfortable sailing upwind.
  • STAY CLEAR! Assume nobody knows anything, dropping your sail won't always save you.
  • GET HOME if it's getting dark or you see dangerous weather approaching. We can sail, light wind rescue, high wind rescue or abandon our sails to get home in almost any weather. 
  • PRACTICE CONTROL before going too far.
  • BEWARE of a shelf cloud like below. They indicate a strong storm is coming. 

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