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Congratulations to all who participated in the Mammoth Marathon 2022

and thank you to our volunteers and sponsors.

Results have been posted here and pictures.

Member Documents

Governance Documents

General Membership Policies

A not-for-profit association with over 550 members, the Toronto Windsurfing Club (“TWC”) is managed by volunteers and dedicated to safe, friendly and enjoyable windsurfing and stand up paddling for all.

Members are required to review and confirm acceptance of these policies when submitting their member registration.

  • Member Commitments

  • Respectful Club Use Policy
  • Guest Policy

  • Equipment Storage Policy and Conditions

  • Power Boat Use Policy

Member Commitments

Each member accepted to the club commits to:

  • Being actively involved in wind sports at the Club
  • Follow all club policies, procedures and rules as posted on the Toronto Windsurfing Club’s website.

  • Act in a safe and responsible manner at all times, on and off the water.

  • Treat fellow TWC members and members of the community in an inclusive and respectful manner, and abide by the harassment and violence policy.

Respectful Club Use Policy

When at the Club, Members will:

  • Not bring or use a personal motor boat or jetski at the club or beach
  • Keep dogs on a leash
  • Refrain from teaching windsurfing at the club for a fee
  • Refrain from smoking where club members are rigging gear
  • Make sure that the gate is locked after entering and leaving the Club

Guest Policy

Members may invite non-members to the club as guests, subject to the following conditions:

  • Individual guests may only attend the club five times per year.

  • Guests should only be invited in small numbers, on an occasional basis and during less busy times, and should park off the club grounds.

  • Members must accompany their guests at the club at all times.

  • Members shall be responsible for their Guests and ensure that guests are familiar with and respect all club rules, policies, and health and safety procedures.

  • Members must not reveal the lock codes for the gate or any facilities, and guests must not enter the storage trailers.

  • The Board of Directors may refuse access to the club’s premises by any guest(s) at any time if it believes that such refusal is in the club’s best interest.

Members are encouraged to tell their guests about the club’s programs, activities and membership opportunities.

Equipment Storage Policy and Conditions

Storage rental is for Toronto Windsurfing Club members only. The rental term is from May 1st of the current year through to the last week of April of the following year.

Security is everyone's responsibility. 

It is the responsibility of every member to ensure the security and well-being of the club. 

  • For safety reasons the aisle needs to be kept clear at all times.

  • Always lock your trailer when done loading or unloading your gear.

  • If you are the last one to leave the club, check to make sure that the gate, clubhouse, trailers and bathrooms are all locked.

  • You must not provide any combination or key to any such lock to a non- member.

  • Please label ALL your gear with your name. This will help should anything be forgotten or misplaced.

  • TWC does not insure stored members’ equipment and is not responsible for any gear placed in storage.

Maintaining the condition of the storage containers

  • It is up to the individual members of each storage trailer to do their share in maintaining the organization and cleanliness of their trailer. Please give your trailer a quick sweep from time to time. There are brooms in the clubhouse.

  • Your storage slot should never be overpacked. An overloaded slot will infringe upon someone else’s space.

  • Only labelled, 1-piece masts can be placed in the trailer rafters. Everything else must be stored in your slot.

  • Please do not leave your damp wetsuits hanging in the trailer as they can cause mould and mildew. Take them home to dry.

  • Please remove fins from all boards so that they do not damage someone else’s gear.

  • Storage slots cannot be shared unless included in a family membership.

  • Your storage slot cannot be transferred or sold to another person.

Expired storage and unclaimed equipment

It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that their membership and storage dues are paid in full by May 1st for the current season.

  • In the event that equipment remains in storage after the expiration of the paid storage term, TWC will attempt to notify the owner via the email address and/or phone number(s) recorded in our database during the Member’s registration.

  • If no response is received within 15 days, TWC will relocate the equipment to a temporary on-site storage location.

  • By September 1st of the delinquent term, any equipment that still remains unclaimed and/or unidentified may be disposed of through sale, gift to financially challenged members or by trash.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding storage please contact the storage coordinator.

Power Boat Use Policy

This Power Boat Usage Policy (the “Policy”) provides guidelines and direction to TWC members and instructors on power boat use. Members are expected to report any behaviour that does not adhere to this Policy to the TWC Board of Directors. Disregarding this Policy may result in suspension or termination of your TWC membership. Only TWC members in good standing or current TWC instructors may use the TWC power boats, unless prior approval is given by the Board of Directors.

Purpose of use:

  • Coaching during SUP/Windsurfing instruction for TWC programmed classes.

  • Race committee or safety boat for TWC hosted races, or as TWC approved supplemental safety boat for other racing events.

  • Rescue of a person or vessel in the water that is in distress and requires assistance.

  • Other safety and/or training related group activities.

All use of the powerboats is subject to the following conditions:

  • Operator of powerboat must have Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card (PCOC) and Powered Vessel Operator’s Permit (PVOP aka Harbour Licence).

  • Operator of powerboat must follow Transport Canada guidelines regarding safety equipment required on the vessel and will be responsible for any passengers. 

  • Everyone on board must wear a legal Personal Flotation Device (i.e. PFD or life jacket).

  • Operator of powerboat must operate the boat in a seamanlike manner, without recklessness and without being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or drugs which may affect judgment or abilities.

  • Smoking and/or filling of gas tanks on board are prohibited.

  • Anyone on board using the VHF radio to transmit must hold a ROC (M) permit, except in case of emergencies. No license is required to monitor stations.

Operator of powerboat has learned the proper techniques for operating and launching the boat from an experienced and designated TWC member.

    Waiver of Liability

    I/we understand and hereby agree that windsurfing and stand up paddling include activities on land and on water (all of which are the “club activities”) and other activities related to these club activities such as swimming and operating a powerboat which involve certain risks and dangers incidental thereto. 

    In spite of these risks, I/we fully understand such risks, and I/we wish to participate in the club activities at TWC and hereby assume all the risks of doing so that are not covered by a policy of insurance held by the TWC or under which the Club may be covered such as the Outer Harbour Sailing Federation and other policies that may be in effect from time to time.

    In consideration of TWC agreeing to allow us to participate in the club activities accompanied or unaccompanied (meaning with or without a safety/coach boat), using TWC’s public equipment and permitting use of club facilities, and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged, I/we hereby agree not to hold TWC, and its directors, officers, employees, agents, coaches, volunteers, members, and representatives, all of whom are herein after referred to as the “Releasees”, liable for  any losses or damages that are not covered by a policy of insurance held by the TWC or under which the Club may be covered such as the Outer Harbour Sailing Federation and other policies that may be in effect from time to time, and;

    TO WAIVE ANY AND ALL SUCH CLAIMS THAT I/WE HAVE OR MAY HAVE IN THE FUTURE AGAINST THE RELEASEES AND TO RELEASE THE RELEASEES from any and all liability for any loss, damage expense or injury including death that I/we may suffer or that my kin may suffer as a result of my participation in the club  activities, on land or on water, due to any cause whatsoever, ON THE PART OF THE RELEASES AND FURTHER, INCLUDING FAILURE ON THE PART OF THE RELEASEES TO SAFEGUARD AND PROTECT ME FROM THE RISKS, DANGERS AND HAZARDS OF THE CLUB ACTIVITIES .

    I/we agree to hold harmless and to indemnify the Releasees from any and all liability for any property damage or personal injury to any third party resulting from our participation in the club activities, that are not covered by a policy of insurance held by the TWC or under which the Club may be covered such as the Outer Harbour Sailing Federation and other policies that may be in effect from time to time.

    I/we agree that this agreement shall be binding upon my/our heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and assigns in the event of my death. In entering into this agreement, I am / we are not relying on an oral or written representation or statements made by the Releasees with respect to the safety of the club activities other than as set forth in this agreement.

    I/we have read and understood this agreement and I am / we are aware that by agreeing to it, online or in hard copy, I am / we are waiving certain legal rights which I/we or my/our heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, and assigns may have against the Releasees.

    Banking Policy

    The Toronto Windsurfing Club (TWC) banking policy will ensure that payments to vendors and expense reimbursement to board members and volunteers is done efficiently.

    • The TWC treasurer is designated to conduct banking business on behalf of the club.
    • Payments to vendors, board members and volunteers may be made online through e-transfers, phone or electronic funds transfers (EFT) and will be processed by the treasurer once verified and recorded by the bookkeeper.
    • Payments over $1,000, with previous approval from the board, must be approved through an online PDF by two signing officers prior to issuance. Certified digital signatures will be accepted.
    • Budgeted recurring expenses (e.g., bathroom facilities, water delivery) do not require special treatment or approvals.
    • Banking records will be reviewed with the Board of Directors on a monthly basis as a control.
    • The bookkeeper will maintain reporting responsibilities as a control.

    Banking Policy – Version 1

    Approved July 11, 2022

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