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New era in Windsurfing Racing at Club!

7 Jul 2021 8:30 PM | Jennifer Penney (Administrator)

After 40 years of Windsurfing racing at the club, It's a New Era as foiling and Wing-foiling are winning for the first time!

Club pros Max and Simon are (naturally) in the forefront -- Max displaying
amazing control of the WING foil and winning 2 (?) of the 3 races, closely
eking out wins in the final lap over fellow foilers and the top raceboards
(who have dominated club racing for decades!)

Also finishing in the top 4 or 5 in the fleet of 20 are student foils like
Paul and others -- can't wait to see the official results! The foils must
travel longer routes to the windward mark but on the fast reach down to
the leeward buoy they jump into the lead -- very entertaining!  (Should
look good at the Olympics.)

==Unofficial club archivist John Darling reporting the scene July 7, 2021:)

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